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Do It Yourself-Shampooing & Conditioning

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This is the MOST important step. If the hair is not shampooed properly the blowout will be very heavy! The goal is to be sure the hair is weightless and flawless. During this stage, you must shampoo the hair with a clarifying shampoo first. The clarifying shampoo will strip all the oils and residue from the hair. According to how much product was previously left in the client hair, that’s how you will be able to determine what type of shampoo to use during the service. I used a moisturizing shampoo after I used the clarifying shampoo. The moisturizing shampoo helps place the moisture back in the client’s hair that was removed. Once the client is done with shampooing then the next step is the conditioner. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to the hair and detangle from ends to roots. I applied most of the moisture to client’s hair during the shampooing and conditioning because clients hardly moisturize their hair when they are wearing their blowout because they want it to remain weightless.

After the detangling process, next step is the hydrator (hair steamer).  During this process the moisture will penetrate into the hair. There are so many benefits from the hair steamer that can help your natural hair! (Check out my blog about the hair steamer.) Allow the client to sit under the steamer for possibly 15-20mins.

Once your done with the steaming process, rinse the conditioner from the client’s hair with cool water.

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