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Savannah’s Natural Hair Extravaganza (SNHE) is a local hair and wellness company that provides education and inspiration to naturalists about the health, style, and versatility of their hair. Through events and seminars, we reinforce positive influences to help students accept their natural beauty. This increases confidence and provides students with a stronger foundation to perform at their greatest potential.  Moreover, most are aware of the media’s strong influence on the youth. Mass media, combined with pop culture, often provides unrealistic standards that perpetuate harsh realities. It is imperative that the younger generation, especially those of the African Diaspora, have visual representations that accurately depict their skin tones, hair textures, and culture.

SNHE will be beneficial by providing education, hair-related products, and hands-on demonstrations of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Highlights from previous SNHE shows include an estimate of over 250 attendees every year. Specialized courses on cosmetics and hair, participation from local businesses as vendors, celebrity appearances, and a natural hair runway show to showcase a variety of hairstyles fit for any occasion. Our goal is to help them look their best, feel their best, and be the best that they can possibly be! 



Master Cosmetologist. Educator. Motivational Speaker. Entrepreneur.

Alia Freeman is a natural hair care professional from Savannah, Georgia. She received a formal education in Cosmetology from Empire Beauty School with additional concentrations in Business Management and Marketing. She credits Empire Beauty School for showcasing the importance of professionalism and craftsmanship—attributes she undoubtedly uses toward her own business practices today.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Cosmetology, Alia began her journey as a professional hairstylist working for a variety of salons throughout the Southeastern region. It was during this time she noticed a gap in the market for natural hair salons. She began to see the demand was far greater than the availability. She often describes this period in her life as an “epiphany,” garnering her inspiration from peers and her own willingness to teach women how to embrace their natural beauty. 

In 2011, Alia started Savannah’s Natural Hair Extravaganza. SNHE is a hair and wellness production company operated to provide education and inspiration to naturalists in Savannah and its surrounding areas. Some recent highlights include the SNHE hair show—a public event held annually to target the natural hair movement and its supporters. This event includes course classes to teach women beauty and hair tips from professionals, participation from local businesses as vendors, and a natural hair runway show to highlight a variety of natural hair styles fit for any occasion. The SNHE hair show has garnered attention from neighboring states and continues to grow on a national level. Furthermore, Alia has served as a judge in numerous hair competitions, including the Make Me Bad Hair Battle (2015,) as well as an article feature in the spring 2016 edition of Naturally Happy Hair Magazine underlining her professionalism and innovative techniques for maintaining natural hair. 

Today, Alia continues her pursuit to help women embrace and emphasize their natural beauty. In 2014, she opened Divine Hair Salon in Savannah, Georgia–one of the few in this area. Divine Hair Salon focuses on healthy natural hair with technique training and creativity, in addition to nail and skin amenities. Her team of trained stylists aim to educate women on their individual textures, recommend useful products, and offer tips to help clients embrace their natural beauty.  When asked about her journey, Alia credits God for her talent and vision to be successful. She believes His purpose for her life is what has carried her to this point and continues to be her drive in future endeavors. She insists, “If you believe in yourself, you can become everything that God created you to be and live the life God ordained for you to live.”

–Spoken like a true professional.